About the Team

Josh & Robert are friends who have both been struggling with complex chronic illnesses over the past few years.

Josh has been dealing with issues stemming from Lyme and Epstein Barr Virus and Robert is treating heavy metal toxicity and symptoms that came from living in a toxic mold environment.

Why we're building it

In our experience, getting to the bottom of chronic health issues requires a lot testing — and that means a lot of PDFs to keep track of. You might think, as we initially did, that doctors and patients already have a great way to handle this, but they don't!

We've found that there are countless Electronic Medical Record systems (EMRs) that different doctors' offices use, and unfortunately don't often speak to each other. That means when you see a new doctor, you're either printing out paper copies of your labs or sending along a bunch of unorganized PDFs for them to look through.

If your doctor wants to get a clear picture of your current health, they have to look at each PDF individually and try to make sense of it. And if you're seeing multiple doctors, the process repeats and is often time consuming and frustrating for everyone involved.

We think that life would be a lot easier for you and your doctor if everything was in one place with a nice clean design, easy sharing of data, and fast onboarding.

And we think it might be a helpful way to monitor your health once you've recovered, or if you're just serious about your well-being and take a data-driven approach to optimizing your health.

We looked at a lot of different apps and while there are plenty of solutions for tracking your symptoms, your diet, or very specific conditions, none of them did exactly what we wanted. So we decided to build our own.